What we do...

We cater for all signage requirements, we have years of experience and highly skilled staff. We strictly adhere to the HSEQ standard for saftey and can manufacture any signage big or small. Listed below are some of the services that we offer directly to clients and to signage companies.



Signage companies are welcome we offer CNC routing, Metal Bending (aluminum , mild steel, stainless steel, etc) Guillotine cutting up to 3200mm wide, Plasma CNC cutting, Aluminum welding, spray painting, etc


CNC Plasma Cutter CNC Bender CNC Guillotine
Prosel Sign Systems | CNC Plasma Cutter Prosel Sign Systems | CNC Plasma Bender Prosel Sign Systems | CNC Guillotine
CNC Router    
Prosel Sign Systems | CNC Router    


We have dedicated teams for installation and maintenance, we have our own Crane mounted truck. and we install in any country in Africa.

Crane Mounted on our Installation Truck

Prosel Sign Systems | Signage Installation Truck

We do most of our work inhouse which means that we are able to deliver to the client much faster and since we cut the middle man, our rates are very competitive. Please give us a call for professional services rendered by the very best team in Africa.





3D Channel Letters

We cam manufacture 3D Channel letters. 3 dimensional letters are an effective way to create a more market look. Letters can be made from a variety of materials such as perspex, Stainless steel and Aluminium.

3D Channel Letters

Prosel Sign Systems | 3D Channel letter manufacturing

We manufacture different sorts of three dimensional channel letters. We even manufacture single letters for maintenance purposes.






Traffic Road Signs

With our commitment to quality, we have been able to provide the customers with an excellent range of Traffic Road Signs.

Road Signs Manufacture

Prosel Sign Systems | Traffic Signs Manufacture and Installation

Our road traffic signs meet all SABS standards and are durable. We manufacture the signs in house and are able to deliver them even in short turn around times.






Lightbox Signage

Light boxes gives you maximum exposure, Prosel can custom make all your backlit signs, we can install them under awnings, to a wall or any prominent location for your shop or business.

lightbox signage

Prosel Sign Systems | Lightbox Manfacture maintenance and installation

Alluminium light boxes with perspex are very durable, or you can choose a full acrylic lightbox that illuminates from side, also available are high and slim light boxes - ideal for internal shop displays.






Totems/ Pylons

Also known as MID, high rise towers , pylons are ideal for installations in retail parks, petro stations, business entrances, shopping mall and public areas.


Prosel Sign Systems | Totem Manufacturing

Our totems range from 1 to 10 metres in height and can be illuminated or non illuminated, flat faced, curve or concaved. Totems are fitted using steel bolt cages, steel sockers or chemically fixed depending on size and ground conditions.







Window Vinyls

Large or small stickers are great indoor and outdoor signage solutions for hard surfaces including metal and glass


Vinyl Print and Instalation at Prosel Sign Systems

Lettering or designs are computer cut and placed onto a backing material for easy application.








LED Signs

Led light emitting diodes are low voltage diodes that provides an exceptional amount of light but consume a low amount of energy. Led lighting on either 12 or 24 volt systems and will last up to 100,000 hours. Low voltage led light conversations is the future for electric signs.


Prosel Sign Systems | LED Signs and Installation

Led signs are very commonly used for normal display or advertisement purposes in the country. The glowing attractive look of the led signages compels the passerby to willingly or unwillingly have a look on the name or message.